I enjoy making data visualizations. Many use R+ggplot2and some use the gganimate 
package. You can enlarge most by clicking on them.
Where professors at top economics departments got their Ph.D.s.

Where professors at top economics departments got their Ph.D.s.

Spread of Walmart
NBER Publications per year
NBER authors per year
Economics NBER WPs solo authors

The above plot shows the total number of births by year, with each color representing
 a different age of mother. There is a persistent spike that occurs for mothers
 born in or close to 1946, presumably reflecting the increased number of individuals 
born in the baby boom. I used the NCHS Natality data, housed at NBER.

The above plot gives a sense of where institutions of higher learning are located in the U.S.

Target spread stores

Source: Wikipedia. Bezos number does not reflect divorce.

NBA Home Team Win Percentage by Halftime Point Differential Pope Berger 2011

NBA Fraction of Total FGs Shot Attempts that Are Threes 3 Pointers Rockets

United States US Property Crime 1960 2017 UCR Burglary Larceny Vehicle Theft gganimate

Active Duty Military By Branch By Year Army Air Force Navy Marines Data

Donald Trump Approval Rating Over Time Voters FiveThirtyEight gganimate ggplot colors

Plots of the evolution of the most popular U.S. baby girl names from 1880 to 2012,
where the names shown are the top names in 1880. Data from SSA.