The results of an extensive dialect survey can be found  at As an example, one question asks: What do you call the little gray creature (that looks like an insect but is actually a crustacean) that rolls up into a ball when you touch it?

     a. pill bug (15.91%)
     b. doodle bug (3.61%)
     c. potato bug (12.95%)
     d. roly poly (33.07%)
     e. sow bug (4.13%)
     f. basketball bug (0.08%)
     g. twiddle bug (0.04%)
     h. roll-up bug (0.21%)
     i. wood louse (0.47%)
     j. millipede (0.88%)
     k. centipede (2.31%)
     l. I know what this creature is, but have no word for it (9.44%)
     m. I have no idea what this creature is (13.21%)
     n. other (3.68%)
     (10673 respondents)

An interactive quiz based on the above survey, can be found at This site includes plots based on over 1/3 million respondents. For example: